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Welcome to "The Redneck Rastafarian," a Noachide site with a difference! I'm still relatively new at this web site building business, but the links to my articles should be on the right side of your screen and immediately below (please excuse any sloppiness in editing!). I still plan on posting an essay on the creation-evolution controversy eventually (there are just so many other topics that need addressing!), but in the meantime I have added an essay entitled Those Awful Missionaries. Enjoy!

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The New "New Testament"

May We Be of Service?

Well . . . What Did You Expect?

Some Musings on the Political Spectrum

The Conflict in Alabama

The Nationalism that "Nationalists" Hate

On the Defamation of Israel

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The December Blues

Table of Contents

What is "Redneck Rastafarianism?"

What is Theonomic Positivism?

Theocratic Judaism and "Palaeozionism"

The Cross within the Star (some thoughts on Judaeo-chr*stianity)

Those Awful Missionaries

A Tale of Two "Messiahs"

Hard, Ain't it Hard (Misperceptions of Noachism)

The Forgotten Holocausts

The Denominational Deception

Torah Apologetics, or the Lack Thereof

When Yefet Strays from the Tents of Shem

The Last Sane Person on Earth

Some Thoughts on the Current Crisis

Kashrut and "Prejudice"

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Is Religion a Private Matter?

Calvaries, Ancient and Modern

Why a Chosen Nation?

Whence Comes Jewish Self-Hatred?